National Citizen Service (NCS)

(NCS) is a youth development programme designed to empower young people, aged between 15-17 years old, by engaging them in residential and social action activity. Such activity allows young people to challenge themselves and take responsibility for their own actions and development.

Running in the school holidays, NCS “it all starts at YES!” engages individuals from all areas of the community in a fun, action-packed programme that promotes personal and professional development in settings away from the classroom. The programme gives young people a chance to meet new people and make new friends whilst doing something truly inspiring and worthwhile with their spring, summer or autumn.

NCS consists of four phases, two of which provide young people with the chance to experience life away from home. This gives participants the opportunity to learn valuable life skills that will help nurture their transition into adult life. Young people also have a real life opportunity to make a difference in their local community by planning and delivering their very own social action project! This helps equip participants with the skills and experiences necessary to boost their CV and confidence! The programme itself is recognised by UCAS and thereby strengthens any UCAS applications made by students.

NCS is inclusive to all Y11 & Y12 students, and here at the National Citizen Service we encourage social mix, recognising the value of integrating young people from varied backgrounds and abilities as being instrumental in broadening horizons as well as removing prejudice, broadening and breaking down barriers and stereotypes.

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If you would like to find out any more information regarding the NCS programme please contact either Carole Foster or Ruth Dobson:

Carole Foster
NCS Programme Manager
Office: 01709827767

Ruth Dobson
NCS Assistant
Office: 01709827767