Sport Journalism


Course description
The Journalism program offers schools a way of engaging young people in a fun and creative way to raise aspirations and develop skills with a key focus on raising their literacy levels. The course is a twelve week program exploring different aspects of journalism through a variety of mediums. The course is delivered in the vibrant New York Stadium creating the perfect environment for young learners. This is a tried and tested course which has shown an average improvement per learner of 14.21% of their collective data.

Course content

• Sport Journalism
• Radio Commentaries
• TV Journalism
• Media in Print and Online
• Finding/Generating a story
• Note taking practice
• Match reporting
• Interview techniques (speaking and listening)
• Match Report

Entry requirements

Key Stage 2 – Ages 7-11 – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6
Key Stage 3 – Ages 11-14 – Years 7, 8 and 9

No formal assessment but continuous assessment throughout the course by peer and tutors.

Financial information
Minimum of 10 students per program, maximum 15 Cost per student = £150 / 12 week program

Future opportunities

• Each student will be provided with free entry to a live match with an additional ticket provided for their parent / guardian
• School staff supporting the project will also be provided with free entry
• Discounted prices will be offered for additional ticket requests
• A tour of the ground will be given to all participants
• Pupils will be provided with an exclusive seating area and a press pass for the day
• The pupils will be given the opportunity to interview players before and after the match
• The winning match report will be published in the subsequent Match day programme & the winner will receive an invite to the next homegame.

For more information regarding the Sports Journalism Course please contact our Education Manager:

Matt Edwards
Office: 01709827767


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