Mature Millers

The Mature Millers are a group which has been set up by the trust in 2014 as part of a Heritage Lottery project titled Memories of Millmoor.

The group was started to give participants of the project the opportunity to come together on a weekly basis to stimulate both the body and mind whilst contributing to the reduction of social isolation.

The group has over 50 members and attend various sessions throughout the week. The Mature Millers are fully constituted and apply for funding in their own right to expand their work and increase membership.

The sessions include discussion groups. Members meet once a week at the AESSEAL New York Stadium to discuss all current or past football topics. This is aimed to keep all participants minds stimulated and also gives fans the opportunity to meet others through the group.

They also host walking football which is an active session, the game is for 50+ participants.  The group have been to different football clubs to take and other community walking football teams. The aim of the session is for participants to do a little bit of gentle exercise and keep active. The group play regular fixtures on a regional basis.

Other sessions also include weekly walks around the borough and coffee and craft afternoons.

The most recent development for the group has seen it run independently with support from the trust to access the much needed funds to keep the members active. Most recently it has seen members of the group attend a walking football tournament in Portugal to represent both the Trust and the Football Club abroad.

Members of the group include former Millers players as well as members of the community who have never played football.

For more information on this project please contact the Mature Millers Chair person below:

Derek France

Mature millers