Inclusion & Cohesion Overview


Our inclusion department works with the diverse and vibrant communities of Rotherham, particularly focusing on underrepresented groups in sport such as Disability and Black and Minority Ethnic groups, with the overall aim to make Rotherham a more inclusive and cohesive society.

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Working with BME communities of Rotherham to increase participation in sport through activities such as badminton, boxercise, circuits, netball and cycling. We have worked with taxi drivers, refugees, asylum seekers, ESOL students, as well as in mosques, and with parents in schools.

Building Stronger Communities

Using sport and education to unite the multicultural and diverse communities of Rotherham.

Premier League Kicks

Delivering sport and education during times of antisocial behaviour to some of Rotherham’s most deprived areas (8-18 year olds).

Street Games

Delivering doorstep club cycling, boxing, circuits, cricket and football to males in Rotherham across the borough. More specifically engaging young males from the central belt of Rotherham, namely Maltby, Thurcroft and Ferham. 

The Wellbeing Hub

A partnership between Rotherham Care Group and Rotherham United Community Sports Trust. The idea is improve the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of members of the community who struggle to sustain good mental and physical health as a result of challenging social circumstances, poor coping ability, lack of support network, or poor quality of life. Interventions are delivered via therapeutic and educational classes in addition to a broader programme of sport based activity.

Ability Counts

An inclusive football project for young people and adults with disabilities and impairments. We have four pan-disability teams including individuals with visual, deaf or hearing impairments, intellectual or physical disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder who partake in monthly fixtures against local teams in the Yorkshire region.

United 4 Communities FC

A football club targeting players from a range of backgrounds who are unable to participate in traditional clubs due to various social and cultural barriers. Two teams are part of the club, specifically an U16’s and adult’s team, who compete in the Sheffield and District Junior League and the Sheffield Fair Play League respectively.

The Great Millers Youth Forum

A constituted group of young people from across our community projects. The group meet on a regular basis to discuss issues related to young people and to plan, design and deliver their own projects. Previous projects have included voice and influence workshops including a trip to the Houses of Parliament, evening sport sessions and the creation of a pop up youth club at New York Stadium.

Fisherman’s Friends

A constituted group to promote mental and physical wellbeing through the activity of fishing, targeting individuals who are unable to fish independently due to ill health or economic barriers.

If you would like to find our more information regarding the projects we deliver please contact the appropriate staff member stated below:

Carole Foster – Inclusion Manager- cfoster@rotherhamunited.net
Trudi Race – Inclusion Officer- trace@rotherhamunited.net
Christos Louca – Disability Coordinator (Mental health) – clouca@rotherhamunited.net
Ben Winter – Premier League kicks and cohesion coordinator- bwinter@rotherhamunited.net
Jack Pitchford – Disability coordinator (physical & learning) – jpitchford@rotherhamunited.net

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