Our Approach

Our Approach!

Mission Statement

“To deliver focused activities within sport, community development, health and wellbeing and education to give people a chance and nurture potential’


Our vision is – Using the power of sport to ENGAGE, INSPIRE and DEVELOP the communities of Rotherham.


  • Giving people a chance and nurturing potential
  •  Empowering our participants through quality delivery
  • Embedding equality and a professional approach in all our operations
  • Proud of being an organisation driven by its members


Operating principles

  • Putting people at the heart of everything we do
  • Inclusion, equality of opportunity and anti-discrimination – recognising that some people may need additional support to overcome the barriers they face.
  • Partnership – acknowledging that many agencies contribute to communities and working together maximises the assets and resources available to these.


The football in the community programmes were nationally rolled out in the late 80s through a partnership between PFA and Football Clubs, with the aim of keeping professional footballers in the game after their football careers came to an end and utilising their skills and knowledge of football. The Rotherham United Community Programme was set up in 1988 to encourage more local people especially children to play football and support their local football team. Develop better links between the local communities and Rotherham United Football Club itself.

RUCST, established in September 2007 and was one of the pioneering programmes linking football clubs to their community.

In 2012 the Trust won the Coca Cola Community Club of the Year Football League Award and was highly commended for its ability to reach out to all sectors of the Rotherham community.

RUCST uses the power of sport and the football club to promote physical and emotional health and wellbeing in ways that encourage people to make healthy lifestyles choices.

The three main themes of our approach are Health and Wellbeing, Education and Sport and Community Development

Our outreach and engagement programmes are deeply embedded in Rotherham’s communities targeting the needs of socially excluded groups, i.e. black and ethnic minority young people, older people and families.

Commitment to Diversity

Rotherham United Community Sport Trust is committed to advancing equality and diversity which will be a key feature within our organisation, as we believe this to be ethically right and socially responsible thing to do.

As a football organisation we can do more and must do more to integrate all our communities that represent the diversity of Rotherham. Bring together different communities through football and sharing of common values; we believe football can help build strong and positive relationships

We recognise that the needs of the children, young people and communities we wish to work with are multiple and as a result of disadvantages, barriers and challenges they face they are often denied experiences and opportunities that others may take for granted. We will ensure our provision is accessible by members of all our diverse communities taking in to account cultural, language and other barriers.

Delivering our themes

RUCST’s programme

The focus for all our work is within our three themes – Health and Wellbeing, Education and Sport and Community Development. We promote, organise and deliver a range of services and products within these ie.

Health and Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing theme consists of two subthemes, Health and Adult Wellbeing. Within these subsectors the Trust have worked with a wide range of ages from 2-103.

We run a number of health related activities to encourage children, young people and families in Rotherham to develop a healthy lifestyle and continue to stay fit.

Our work is carried out in line with national, regional and local strategies and we ensure resources are targeted towards groups considered at risk. This is done by delivering quality sport and physical activities, supporting Rotherham’s targets of halting childhood obesity and increasing the number of hours children take part in physical activity.

Education and Sport      

We offer Alternative Curriculum Education as part of this theme to deliver further education to the people of Rotherham. The Trust runs the Gateway of Achieving Learning Zone–GOALZ Education Centre (soon to be rebranded the GOAL ZONE), which is funded by the Football Foundation and RCAT

We currently offer young people aged 16-19 the chance to become an apprentice sports coach with the Community Sports Trust. Our programme targets those who are not in education, employment or training and this gives young people the chance to develop their social and education skills.

Sports and Community Development

The Sports and Community Development theme is made up of two subthemes – inclusion and Sports Development.   The inclusion themes seek to bring the diverse communities of Rotherham together to engage in a range of activities. We work largely with young people aged 13-19 delivering projects that include active citizenship, equality training and education project work. We use sport promote community cohesion and strengthen relationships between communities

We use sport and the football club to promote physical and emotional health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and to develop young people socially and emotionally.