NEWS | Future Stars return

We are delighted to announce the return of our Future Stars provision after a period of absence due to covid restrictions. We will be picking up where we left off, with an abundance of new sessions catering for Mini Millers, Girls only, Open sessions and squads.

The Future Stars sessions give children from as young as 18 months the opportunity to come and learn new football skills in a fun and safe environment, for the younger participants it gives them a chance to be introduced to football and play new games with their parents whilst also interacting with other children but For the older participants, it gives them a chance to build their skills whilst learning about competitions and making new friends.

These sessions are designed to be accessible to children of all abilities and include a special skills week where children will be able to take on different challenges in order to gain different levels in that particular area, we will then work through a structured program to help the children move up and progress through the different levels, this will become an integral part of the 10 week program as we feel it is important that the children get some recognition for the hard work they put in to learn new skills.

The full list of sessions available can be found below;

Future Stars Girls, Mondays 6pm (Ages 5-11) CLICK HERE – PGA
Mini Millers, Thursdays 9:30am (Ages 18months-3) CLICK HERE – NYS
Mini Millers, Thursdays 10:45am (Ages 18months-3) CLICK HERE – NYS
Future Stars, Fridays 4:45pm (Ages 5-8) CLICK HERE – PGA
Mini Millers, Saturdays 9am (Ages 2-4) CLICK HERE – PGA
Future Stars, Saturdays 9am (Ages 5-9) CLICK HERE – PGA
Future Stars, Saturdays 10am (10-13) CLICK HERE – PGA

If you would like to find out more information, please contact Adam Pilgrim on 01709827767 or