HEALTH | No Smoking Day: Quitting Doesn’t Have to be Stressful with Fit Millers

On No Smoking day 2021, why not sign up to Fit Millers to take control of your physical and mental wellbeing and make positive lifestyle changes with us at RUCST. 

Stopping smoking is one of the single biggest decisions you can make to living a healthier life. You can quit smoking at any time and even if you’ve smoked all your life, you will see significant improvements to your health within 48 hours of quitting. No Smoking day is on the 10th of March this year. 

Fit Millers can provide support for quitters who are concerned about putting on weight after quitting, or for motivated people who want to change their lifestyles. This campaign can provide you with lifestyle advice and our partners at Get Healthy Rotherham can offer further support to help people in the community stop smoking. 

At Fit Millers each week we work through 45 minutes of discussion topics on lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, activity levels, hydration and alcohol consumption followed by 45 minutes of physical activity. The activity sessions are tailored to those new to exercise, or those who have been out of the swing of things for a while. 

All of us have less control over our lives than we’d like at the moment, but why not begin to take some positive control on No Smoking Day. Smokers- cease this opportunity to look forward to happier, smokefree future! 

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