Heart Warming Winter Woollies

Heart Warming Winter Woollies

Young people from the Rotherham United Community Sports Trust Programme have been involved in a heart warming project to help the young homeless.  The group were inspired from the recent Big sleep out, which is a sponsored event where local people sleep out to recreate what a homeless person experiences on a daily basis. After experiencing what homeless people have to go through every night, the group turned their attentions to supporting local homeless young people in a winter warming way.

The group masterminded a clothing collection targeted at teenagers, their aim to keep young homeless people warm over the winter months.  The group used different marketing strategies to advertise from basic posters through to social media ads.  This is the first known collection specifically targeted at young people in the local area and proved to be an outstanding success.

Rachel Waring, NCS Team Leader said “The group have worked tirelessly to ensure that they could engage as many local young people as possible, they had the ingenious idea or targeting students of RCAT where a high number of local young people attend.  It was endearing to see how many young supported the project and how generous they were with their donations.

Carole Foster the Project Manager for NCS couldn’t express enough how proud she was of the team “ NCS is an outstanding programme that I am truly proud to be part of, already this year we have seen 550 young people through the programme. The teams have raised over Twelve Thousand pounds for almost 30 local charities and community groups.  To be part of NCS is to be part of a fast growing movement that has the potential to shape our future society”.

If you require more information or would like to get involved, please contact:

Carole Foster
01709 827 767