International Women’s Day – Gemma Wright

Name: Gemma Wright

Job Role: NCS Administrator

Job Description: I currently input participant’s details onto an online database. I do daily duties like printing, photocopying and scanning. I also speak to young people and parents on a day to day basis through emails or phone calls.

What inspired you to be a part of RUCST?

It all started when I used to volunteer for the trust back in 2014 when I was job searching. I would come in once a week and help input data onto an online database and into an excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately I had to leave the volunteering opportunity due to getting myself a Christmas temp job. While doing my Christmas temp job I was offered a job starting in the new year at RUCST and I couldn’t turn the opportunity down as I knew I would learn new skills and experiences and also be able to undertake some qualifications.

Do you find it important for females to be equal to males? Why?

Yes, I believe that every human being should be treated the same and with respect. To be given the same opportunities and be able to progress in life just like anyone else.

What is your background? (Career, study and jobs)

I studied at Wickersley School and Sports College, I left with 9 GSCES, 3 A Levels and a First Diploma in Retail. I then did a Business Administration apprenticeship and completed this in 2014. This is my first full time job after having my Christmas temp one for a couple of months.

What sporting background do you have?

I am a Rotherham United fan.