International Women’s Day – Trudi Race

Name: Trudi Race

Job Role: Inclusion & Disability Officer

Job Description: Coordinating, managing and developing all inclusion projects throughout the Trust.

What inspired you to be a part of RUCST? I feel passionate about the power of sport and how it can literally change lives. The opportunity to use sport, education and volunteering to engage and inspire adults experiencing poor mental health came up so I instantly applied for the role and here I am!

Do you find it important for females to be equal to males? Why? Yes of course! We are all human beings at the end of the day and we should all have the same opportunities no matter of gender or any other characteristic. It’s great to see women’s football growing. The England Ladies team did our country proud in the 2015 world cup and I honestly believe that since then people have started to take women in sport more seriously.

What is your background? (Career, study and jobs) I worked in the prison service and in a secure forensic mental health hospital before joining the dream team at RUCST!

What sporting background do you have? I’ve always played sport since a young age, anything from football to roller hockey but I currently play football for Doncaster Rovers and before this i played for the mighty Dearne & District!