International Women’s Day – Zanib Rasool

Name: Zanib Rasool, MBE

Job Title: Partnership and Development Manager

Job role: My role within the Trust is to develop collaborative projects that achieve positive outcomes for Rotherham people, my role includes writing funding bids, project management, evaluations and ensuring we deliver a good quality, safe provision. I work with a range of community organisations and partners and also with the local authority and the police. I sit on number of panels and boards.

What inspired you to be a part of RUCST? I like working in the voluntary sector and working at RUCST enables me to develop some innovative projects and enables me to promote community cohesion through sport.

Do you think women have equality? I think women are very skilled and can do almost anything they put their mind to. However, women still have a long way to go to achieve equality, still a gender pay gap, fewer women on management boards or hold directorships of companies, there are still not enough women in parliament.

What is your background? (Career, study and jobs) My background is community development and originally worked for BME womenโ€™s organisations, I have various qualification in Management, Counselling and a degree in Youth and Childhood studies

What sporting background do you have? I donโ€™t come from a particular sporting background but come with lots of knowledge around communities and community engagement, equality and diversity and partnership working. I have written a number of Sport England bids to increase participation in sport

Who is your role model? My role models are the suffragettes who fought for women to have the right to vote, I have always voted and encouraged my nieces to do so. It is important that women vote.