Mini Tasks

Welcome to our newly launched "Learning Zone", where we aim to provide bespoke learning resources for both parents and children to use from the comfort of their home.

Our goal is to upload mini workbooks and tasks on a regular basis to ensure you and your children have the resources available at the click of a button, during the period of school closures.

The tasks and work books are made by our qualified primary and secondary teachers, which are designed to be interactive, fun and most importantly educational.

All workbooks and tasks can be downloaded below;

Design your own RUFC kit
Design your own boots
Design Richard Woods magic hat
Design your own fitness circuit
Family Time Capsule
Sports Bingo
Earth Day Nature Hunt
Wish Jar

Football Skill Cards
Skill Card 1
Skill Card 2
Skill Card 3
Skill Card 4

Easter Suduko 1
Easter Suduko 2
Easter Suduko 3
Easter Suduko 4

Easter Craft Card 1
Easter Craft Card 2
Easter Craft Card 3
Easter Craft Card 4