Man v Fat Football is back

Friday night with the lads, football, and a smaller waist line. Sounds like the dream to us!!

Our Man v Fat Football league is now able to make its return into its 7th season! The results from the previous 6 seasons speak for themselves. With the top scorers losing around 3 stone and 30 cm off their waist in just 14 weeks thereโ€™s no wonder we are one of the top performing leagues in the country.

Add to that a handful of men reversing their type 2 diabetes and a vast improvements in mental health scores across the league, thereโ€™s nowhere else we would rather be on a Friday evening.

Join around 80 other men down at Parkagte Astro every Friday between 7-9pm.

League points are scored on the pitch during a 30 minute 7 aside game, but more importantly points are scored by the number of players losing weight that week. Added goals for completing your food diary, losing weight 3 times, and reducing your body weight by 5% and 10% means thereโ€™s no need to be a Ronaldo to win this league.

If you are over 18 with a BMI of 27.5+ then sign up today and let the gentlemen of Rotherham support you into your new healthy lifestyle.

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