Moving Rotherham | More than Football

The Moving Rotherham partnership is made up of organisations working across the borough with an interest in helping local people to be more physically active.

OUR VISION: People in Rotherham are proud to live in and contribute to stronger, thriving communities by engaging with physical activity or sport. The partnership has developed a local strategic plan, which sets out three priority areas that it will focus on over the next five years.

We want to make sessions ACCESSIBLE to engage with the communities.

We are currently providing and supporting 16 different sessions through the More than Football project. The sessions are completely FREE for the initial 12 weeks so that we can help increase interest and participation in a range of activities in Rotherham.

By seeking new participants it will help to create exciting and sustainable sessions in the long run.
Sustainability may be through continued paid sessions, upskilling participants to become volunteers and/or helping formed groups become constituted groups and self-sustainable.

Right now the targeted areas for Moving Rotherham are starting in Maltby, Eastwood, Kimberworth with sessions such as Walking Football, Zumba, Netball, Bollywood Bangra, Dance, Fitness and much more!

More than Football Manager, Andy Glossop said:

“The More than Football project is there to break down barriers, create weekly accessible opportunities, support existing groups/sessions within Rotherham, to help create a culture change which enables and encourages life long participation in sport, activity leading to a healthy active lifestyle.”

Contact Andrew Glossop to get involved or have a chat about any sessions below 👇 | 07508 495 883