NCS | Graduate representing at Queens Jubilee Event

One of our 2021 NCS Graduates, Jess, was selected out of 650 NCS Graduates to represent and volunteer at the Queens Jubilee Pageant over the Jubilee weekend.

This was just one of many opportunities given to NCS Graduates once they’ve completed the programme. We caught up with Jess after the event to ask her a few questions about her experience:

NCS is an incredible Summer opportunity offered to local 15-17 year olds across Rotherham. It stems the gap between school and university or work by helping young people gain valuable life skills, grow in independence and confidence, and take part in opportunities designed to lengthen CVs and provide impressive activities to refer to in interviews.

“It was absolutely amazing! A once in a lifetime experience, and I am so grateful for the opportunity NCS presents young people with. I met so many lovely people who were from all over the UK. One of the best parts of the pageant for me was seeing the military procession, especially the golden carriage as it was so impressive. Travelling down by myself was a little daunting, but once I was at the first tube station I was absolutely fine. Definitely improved my independence and navigation skills.”

What was one thing you learnt by taking part in the Jubilee weekend?

“One thing that I learned over the weekend was that every small role makes a massive difference to the running of a huge event, from the people who worked in the cloakroom, to the stage managers, everyone worked as a team to produce an amazing outcome. I would also say that my teamwork and communication skills have definitely improved since the pageant, without clear communication no one would have known what to do.”

What was your role in the Jubilee Pageant?

“My role on Sunday was to guide the performers from the decades portion of the pageant through the registration process and make sure that they knew what to do and when. None of the pageant was rehearsed before the Sunday so anything could have gone wrong. During the rehearsals on Sunday morning, three other volunteers and I stood in for the double decker buses by holding a piece of rope in the shape of a bus so the performers knew how much space they had. That was quite fun as I was immersed within the carnival consumes, roller skaters and 50s jivers.”

What memory will you never forget?

“I really enjoyed watching the military procession with the cavalry and seeing the historical golden carriage with the digital image of the queen on her coronation day inside. I also saw a few of the double decker buses with celebrities like Holly Willoughby, Mo Farrah, Rylan Clark-Neal and Nicole Scherzinger on which was really nice as I didn’t think I would get to see them initially.” 

What was the process for getting selected for the Pageant?

I’m not too sure how they chose who went and who didn’t, but I had to fill out an application form and say why you wanted to go and why you thought you would be the right person for the role. I said that I did NCS last summer and did Changemakers, DofE, a leader in guides and that I have been part of a few public events previously. I was absolutely over the moon when I saw the email that said that I was one of the 100 out of 650. It wasn’t just participants that took part in NCS last year, there were people up until the age of 25 there with NCS. That just shows how incredible NCS is even in the future when you have left school, college or university as well.”

What have you done since last Summer that you don’t think you’d have done without taking part in NCS?

“I am really grateful for the opportunities that NCS presents young people with. I met so many lovely people and it was amazing hearing how NCS has helped shape everyone’s lives. NCS has definitely helped me become more independent with the opportunities it has given me and it has really helped my confidence grow. I don’t think I would have gone to London on my own before but I would definitely do it again!.”

We are so proud of all that Jess has achieved. Jess has demonstrated so much personal and professional growth in the last year, and with opportunities such as this one, her confidence will only continue to grow.

Changemakers, one of the opportunities Jess has taken part with is our graduates programme for NCS graduates. This opportunity is open to all young people aged 15-17 year olds in years 11-13. To access opportunities such as this one, and build your CV, check out more information here:

“NCS is a life changing experience and it provides young people with the opportunity to make them stand out from the crowd!” ~ Jess, 2022

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