Graduate Programme

NCS Graduate Programme

Being an NCS Graduate carries with it a certain status recognised by employers nationwide and RUCST are proud to announce the launch of their NCS Graduates Programme 2016/17.

The programme itself comprises of a number of elements, each allowing Graduates to specialise in the area(s) they wish to develop and improve upon. We have put in place an application process to ensure that each graduate is sign-posted to the area that they are best suited.

The elements are:

Youth Board: Members will meet once a month and will discuss how to make the NCS programme better for future participants. There will be a chance for at least one member of this board to sit on a regional youth board (Yorkshire and Humber), influencing regional NCS programme decisions. Youth Board members will also be given the opportunity to be involved with local social action projects or become Ambassadors in their current place of education to champion NCS.

Youth Work/Team Assistant:

Graduates will undertake an Introduction to Youth Work with a view to completing a Level 2 in Youth Work training. Graduates will also attend other workshops including Managing Challenging Behavior; Mental Health awareness training and Multi-sport Street Games coaching.

These will help equip our Graduates with the knowledge and skills required to be a Team Assistant. In addition to this, Graduates will be asked to have input into our ‘keep warm’ activities and may even be asked to plan and deliver some along with other fellow Graduates as good practice for the role of Team Assistant.We are very much looking forward to receiving our Graduates application forms!

“NCS…it all starts at YES!”For more information on our NCS Graduate Programme, please contact: Carole Foster
01709 827767