New Year New You fitness

It’s that time of year again……..

January is approaching and you will be making the same promise you do every year, get fitter, be healthier, lose weight. If you’re reading this with the dreaded feeling of being back in the gym or braving the January weather on your evening run, then let us help you get excited about exercising.

Our 12 week programme will allow you to try different activities each week to keep you motivated and having fun. Mixing up your exercise routine is also a great way to keep your body on its toes and get the most out of the hour you are giving up.

Coupled with diet advice, suggestions of how to keep active throughout the week, and measurements taken at week 1 and 12 you will have all the tools you need to see a new you ahead of spring.

Book your place today and enjoy Christmas knowing a new you is right around the corner.

New Year Fitness flyer 2019

If you would like to find out more information, please contact Emma Schofield on or 01709 827767.