Rotherham Young Inspectors

Rotherham Young Inspectors are a group of volunteers aged between 13 and 24 years old who are placed at the heart of inspecting services delivered to children, young people and their families.  Ensuring the views and experiences of young people are actively listened to and acted upon to make a difference is important to the outcomes of the young inspectors programme.

What do we do?
– Carry out inspections during the school holidays to check services are doing what they should be doing.  Example activities include:
– Acting as a customer (secret shopper) by asking for information in person, over the phone, or on the website.
– Carrying out surveys with people who have used services to gain their views.
– Watching services in action and checking the standards of service.
– Checking that buildings and surroundings are fit for purpose, looking at things like easy access, information, friendliness, ease of use.
– Provide feedback and ask services for action plans.
– Meet on a regular basis to carry out team building activities and other tasks.
– Carry out fundraising activities such as bake sales and raffles for local charities.

What are we currently working on?
– Our inspection plan for 2017 includes Youth Centres, Young Carers, Fostering, Mental Health Services, Children’s Ward, School Meals and much more.  21 inspections have been carried out since May 2015 with over 63 improvements made.

Who can join?
– Anyone between 13 and 24 years old who lives, or attends school in Rotherham.

What will you get out of it?
– Young Inspector Training and Certificate.
– Volunteer Accreditation (optional).
– Fun rewarding activities three times a year (chosen by young people).
– Meet new friends and learn new skills.
– Improved confidence and self-esteem.
– Make a positive difference to other young people in Rotherham.

To find out more contact our Young Inspector Co-Ordinator Ashlea Harvey:
Text/Phone: 07798 581232 & 01709 823917