RUCST and WHAM’s Healthy Lifestyles Project makes the big screen

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust and Rotherham NHS Foundation trust Weight Health Attitude Management Scheme have been working hard on a pilot of a healthy lifestyles project for the town.  Children identified as overweight or obese by the national childhood weight measurement programme were invited to attend a 6 week course along with their families.  The course which was delivered weekly at Parkgate Astro took families through interactive sessions looking at the effects of food, drink and exercise on their weight and health. This was followed by fun family activity sessions which included rounders, cricket, football, team games, relays and even Zumba.  The programme ended with a tour of New York Stadium for all those who completed the course.

The project was a huge success with 100% of the children reducing or maintaining their BMI over the 6 week period.  86% increased their active minutes each week and 70% reported an improved attitude towards health.

Due to the huge success of the pilot project we are excited to have secured funding via a Heart Research UK and Subway Healthy Hearts Grant.  This grant will allow us to expand the programme to include education on how to keep your heart healthy and the importance of having a healthy heart.  Starting in September we will be working with 200 families from across Rotherham for a 12 month period.

Take a look at the programme in action when we featured on Calendar News.

If you would like to get involved in the project contact Jennie Swift